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Glaciers in motion
Measurement of glacier advancement.
Left rank - Fall of seracs.
 Fall of seracs - Left rank.
Right rank - 2008-2009
Eqip Sermia glacier
NEPAL - Everest
Khumbu glacier 2009-2010
Perito Moreno
The interior of the glaciers
Inlandsis expedition 1998
Accelerated Ice Cascade
'Nuit Blanche' Icefall Cascade 2007-2008.


In 1987, Luc specializes in subglacial hydrology related to the sliding glaciers (measured by a wheel under the glacier of Argentière, site of Emosson SA, Mont-Blanc), under the direction of Robert Vivian and Gérard Bocquet, geographers at the IGA, and Louis Reynaud, geophysicist at the LGGE. 
He became a glaciologist and then a Doctor in Alpine Geography in 1995 (Grenoble I). In 2005, he was an associate member of the research team of the CNRS Environment and Dynamics of Mountain Territories (EDYTEM) laboratory and of the CNRS Thema laboratory in Besançon (M. Griselin).
When he is not on or under a glacier, he teaches glaciology, from high schools, universities, to professionals of the Mountain (CFMM, ENSA, National School of Skiing and Mountaineering of Chamonix). 
He is also a mountain guide BE and if the heart tells you you will be able to leave the summer with him on the paths of the valley of Chamonix that imprint to reach magnificent points of view on the glaciers that he studies. ; When the waters dry up, Luc and his caving friends explore the glacial mills (Ice Sea and Greenland, depth record with Janot and Maël Lamberton), in order to gain a better understanding of the path of the " bedieres" from surface  to under the glacier, where many mysteries remain.
But all this he will explain to you also in his presentations that he gives all the year from the films and photos of his expeditions. He will introduce you to his craft with images that always make him dream (2016: Iceland, Greenland, Lake Baikal). 
You can also hear him from June to September on the terrace of the Montenvers-Mer de Glace where he tells passionately about the glacier and its variations over time. 
Because he thinks that the preservation of the environment that produces the air we breathe and the water we drink passes through the knowledge of the elements that surround us, his last book, written with his fellow glaciologists (below), and accessible to all, will take you to "The secrets of the Mer de Glace".
His research applied to subglacial catchments shows that the glacier's sliding velocities are dependent on the glacial mass (Vincent et Moreau 2016). He pointed out that water circulation and pressures (spring melt, storm rains) influence the velocities and the flow of water between ice and bedrock. This variable is important when water is used for hydroelectric power generation. 
Luc measures the health status of the Bionnassay and Tré la Tête glaciers (called "mass balance", the annual difference between the gain by the winter solid precipitation and the loss by the summer melting). 
His automatic photo boxes "Time Lapse" show the dynamics and evolution of several glaciers in the world on the videos presented above (Eqip Sermia / Greenland, Perito Moreno / Patagonia, Khumbu / Himalaya, Mont Blanc / Alps).
From 2011 to 2016, a collaboration with the glaciologists of Zurich made it possible to measure the rapid velocities of the Eqip Sermia glacier (up to 15m per day) and the 2.5 km retreat of the front, a glacier dear to P.E Victor (Luethi, Vieli et Moreau, 2016).  
Luc collaborates with the Fondation PETZL, Fondation Eau Neige et Glace, and 'INUA' (spirit in Greenland), an endowment fund created to renovate the P.E. Victor hut in Greenland (Eqip Sermia glacier).
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Argentiere glacier
Right bank - 2008-2009
Luc Moreau blog


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